Mona Kasra is a media artist, educator, and a PhD candidate at at University of Texas at Dallas with a focus in Arts & Technology and Emerging Media & Communication.

In her work, Mona often addresses her Persian background and questions social, cultural, and traditional assumptions that she, as an Iranian born woman, grew up with. Her earlier videos tended to be poetic autobiographies, revealing her curiosities, memories, fears, and insecurities. She has shown work in many exhibitions and festivals both in gallery and online settings. In her more recent work, she appropriates socially engaged networked photographs and examines both the aesthetics and the dialogue generated by online activists through these images.

In 2005, Mona joined Collage Ensemble, a Los Angeles Arts Collective of inter-disciplinary artists collaborating on multi-media artwork related to urban life and inter-ethnic experiences. Since then, together with artist Alan Nakagawa, they worked on several collaborative art projects including “LA Menu Munchies,” a dynamic video poetry of food, story and digital portraiture which was premiered at the Japanese American Museum of Art in Los Angeles in September 2006, and a site-specific sound installation/performance, “Mammoth,” celebrating the opening of the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts’ Transformation/ Phase One in February 2008. In addition to Collage Ensemble, Mona was a core member of inter.sect Art Collective comprised of a group of digital artists who used new media platforms to explore digital exhibition spaces outside the traditional gallery model. inter.sect’s last collaboration, SecondHand, was an online new media exhibition on 12seconds.tv involving visual translations of text via mobile phones.

Mona currently serves on the Board of Directors for Video Association of Dallas and has programmed, curated, and juried for several film festivals. She has also presented at several conferences including SXSW Interactive and SPE National Conference (The Society for Photographic Education). In 2011, she served as the Art Gallery Chair at SIGGRAPH International Conference & Exhibition and had the opportunity to work with many prominent artists, designers, and educators from around the world. She is selected to serve as SIGGRAPH Conference Chair in 2016.

Mona holds a B.A. in Graphic Design and an M.F.A. in Video/Digital Art, and since 2002, She has been teaching Digital Art, Design, and Media courses at various academic institutions including California State University, Northridge, Santa Monica College, and University of Texas at Dallas.

She is currently an artist-in-residence at CentralTrak Artist Residency & Gallery, and her work is represented by the Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas.



photo: Alisa Levy