Tangible Encounters

mixed-media video installation
collaboration with Gabriel Dawe

In using only thread to create a structure, this installation will symbolically transpose the motifs of both cultures into a geometry that is related with the architecture of the universe-a geometry that is closely connected with some of the patters depicted in the textiles of both Iran and Mexico. To dematerialize the flatness in which these traditional textiles are fabricated, the thread structure is projected into space, gaining volume that is both material and ethereal. This crisscrossing of threads that goes up and down offers an unorthodox screen for a video projection that will expand the balance between physical and the immaterial. The video projection will transform the thread in a symphony of color, motifs and light, a playful display that will intersect cultures and emphasize the organic nature of the geometry of the structure.
With Dawe building the thread structure, and Kasra producing the video projection, together the marry light and matter in order to create this collaborative installation.

Kellogg Gallery, Pomona, CA


6 m2

multi-projections installation

The new video installation, 6 m2 , brings attention to the severity of solitary confinement as punishment for those whose crime is either voicing their opposition or advocating for human rights. As the number of political prisoners in Iran continues to grow, 6 m2 examines both the value of forced testimony under psychological torture and the relationship between apprehension and assertion. The title refers to the size of every solitary confinement cell in Iran which is roughly about 6 square meters ( 2x3 meters = 7x10 feet room).

UTD Visual Arts Gallery, Richardson, TX

Some People17

Some People4

Some People1

Some People5

Some People

Video Installation for Live Performance

“Some People” a DWZ Collective, written and curated by Thomas Riccio
Video art Performance Production performed at WaterTower, Dallas, TX, 2009

things I learned while growing up

photo compositions

Like other Iranian girls, as early as seven years of age, I was required to cover my body with dark veils, and at school, I was constantly reminded about my religious duties, purity, honor, modesty, and self denial. Being a woman simply meant becoming mute, silent, and covered. When I pursued art later in my teenage years, I was faced with a school library full of censored art books with images of women covered with sharpie marks and masking tapes; any representation of female body was simply banned from the art world unless covered and sexless.
"lessons I learned while growing up" consists of 8 8" x10" images. Each image addresses a memory that I recall vividly, and is composed of two parts: the left section is recreation of the censored art books through which I learned art, and the right section depicts issues I encountered while growing up. By these juxtapositions, "things I learned while growing up," draws viewers' attention to the hideousness of censorship, whether with a sharpie, or with a dark veil.


interactive sound mapping project

Being immersed into the networked universe, we constantly log our feelings, thoughts, and activities, and broadcast snapshots of the events or happenings around us in an attempt to "capture the moments" and share the memories. Yet, we seldom recognize, hear, or share the sounds that we are surrounded by unless they are unbearable or annoying. The sonic moments, if captured, can allow us to better remember the mood or the quality of the day.



in my entirety

video art

"in my entirety" is a poetic exploration of femininity, passion, and sexuality in spite of all the shame and guilt enforced on women by religious fundamentalism. It is centered on a process of personal discovery through an open narrative structure in addition to orbiting the union, divine and escape.
The piece invites viewers to peek into an intimate and personal space through a free-flowing video journey that depicts three different synchronized and interwoven fragments. Together, these fragments represent me, passing through time, never belonging to either of them.

[original length: 5 minutes]

in tents

collaborative video-based performance

"in tents" was comprised of two tent-like shapes. One tent represented a male energy externalizing a personal story about the battle of war and one’s identity through such an experience, and the other represented a female energy speaking about and internalizing battle of independency through divorce.
Performance was created by Collage Ensemble including Mona Kasra, and Alan Nakagawa.

Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA

amino acid micro opera

multimedia performance

The collective performed to a packed crowd a special multi-media performance including outdoor video projection, live sound and chef Hiromi Sato, to create an abstract portrait about the inter-ethnicity of food in our urban fabric and the wonderful adventures of our digestive system. Performance was created by Collage Ensemble including Mona Kasra, Alex Alferov and Alan Nakagawa.
Amino Acid Micro Opera was pick of the week in the LA Weekly.

18th Street Arts Complex, ,Santa Monica, CA







video installation

"enriched" began with my curiosity about divination, but were eventually driven by my desire to find comfort in the face of an uncertain future. Throughout the process, I visited readers and clairvoyants videotaping sessions only if the participants felt comfortable in front of the camera. Desiring anonymity, some readers agreed to be taped without their face being shown. Others refused either for personal reasons, or because they believed that the guiding spirits would not communicate in the presence of a camera.
Within the intimate spaces created by the readers whether in private or public areas, I had conversations with individuals who were determined to provide me with answers about my future in art despite their lack of knowledge of me or experience in the subject.
The three-channel video format and fracturing of time and space express the process of memory and the way in which meanings are sometimes fleeting and short-lived.

[original length: 10 minutes]